Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does this work?

A: Our router connects to the nearest cellular towers, providing the device its high-speed internet. Speeds range from 10-100 Mbps, with low latency. Our router broadcast a 4G high-speed Wi-Fi signal to all your home and office devices such as laptops, smart TVs, gaming consoles, security cameras and tablets! It is mobile, so as long as you have an outlet, you can take it with you.


Q: Does someone install this?

A: No, the unit is plug and play. As soon as you receive your unit, there will be instructions in the box for you to follow. It is very simple. All antennas are labeled and all you need to do is screw them on and plug the device in near a window. You will need to run some speed tests at each open line of sight to a window in your home to determine which location in your home has the best speed and most stable connection. 


Q: How do I know this will work for me?

A: We can provide service in most places, however, a small percentage of customers do have to have our antennas. Objects such as mountains, very large trees, metal roof, etc. can obstruct a line of sight to a tower. Chat with us or call us if you have concerns about your specific address. You can chat with us right from the website, call us at 803-317-2743 or email us at admin@safarisolutionsllc.com.


Q: Do you provide unlimited data? Is there a contract?

A: Yes, our data is unlimited with no throttling and no contract. 


Q: Can I return this if I don't like it?

A: Please check out our Shipping & Returns page for more information.


Q: What do I need to purchase to get started?

A: You will need the jaguar and the data plan to get started. You do not have to add upgraded accessories. We do suggest that you add our jackal antennas. They provide a boost in download and upload speeds and we believe they are well worth the money. 


Q: Can I purchase just a router or just a data plan?

A: No. In order to get service with us, you must purchase our router and our data plan. We do not sell them separately. RV Broadband Solutions LLC owns all rights to the sim card and it can only be used in equipment sold by us. 


Q: How do I pay my bill every month?

A: After purchasing the initial equipment and data plan from our website, you will be set up on a recurring draft. Your bill will automatically deduct from the card you have on file every month on the day you placed your order. For example: If you order on October 19th, your next bill will draft on November 19th from the card we have on file. If you would like to change your card on file, please call us. 


Q: How long does this take to ship to me?

A: Please check out our Shipping & Returns page for more information on shipping. 7-14 business days.






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