About Us

RV Broadband Solutions, LLC started with a simple search. Ben and Cordia Varney started searching for internet for their home, only to realize that the balance of price, technology, and customer service they were looking for did not exist.  Through their search they learned that many of their neighbors were also struggling to find internet options. Unable to find a router that would meet their needs, Ben then decided to build a unit that was not only durable but also cutting edge. Excited by the success of the unit, they began to tell their neighbors and their neighbors began to refer their neighbors.

Referrals have taken us from a company helping their neighbors; to one that serves customers in 25 states and the growing need to serve all rural customers in the United States. We are dedicated to maintaining a family business ethos by helping our community through helping our neighbors. We work hard to continue to strike a balance of price, technology, and customer service by building a positive customer and company environment.


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