9 RV Space Saving Storage Ideas For Travelers

9 RV Space Saving Storage Ideas For Travelers

Travelling in an RV can often be a challenge regarding storage space. With limited space, bringing everything you need without cluttering can be hard. Moving inside an RV can be a nightmare if you don't know space-saving hacks.

There are many space-saving storage solutions for RV travelers. These tricks and tips can help you stay organized while on the road. The goal is to use vertical space. You can do that by using command hooks, placing items on top of each other, using foldable items, etc.

This article will discuss nine of the best RV space-saving storage solutions for travelers. From under-seat storage to foldable items, these RV storage solutions will help you maximize your living space and keep you organized while on the road.

Why is Space Management So Important for RV Travelers?

Space management is important for RV travelers because RVs have limited space, and it is important to make the most of the available space. Proper space management can help ensure that all of your belongings are organized and easily accessible, and it can help prevent clutter.

It can also help you make the most of the available storage space and keep your RV feeling spacious and comfortable. Additionally, good space management can help you pack more efficiently and make it easier to pack and unpack your RV when you are setting up camp or hitting the road.

Overall, effective space management is an important aspect of RV travel and can help make your trips more enjoyable and stress-free.

When it comes to RVing, the biggest challenge is often finding enough storage space. With limited square footage and many items to bring along, it can be difficult to find places to store all your belongings. Here are 9 space saving storage ideas for travelers:

1. Shoe Organizer

A shoe organizer can greatly help save space in your RV. Floor space is scarce in an RV, so anything you can hang on walls is a great space saver. You can hang a shoe organizer on the walls, shelves, door, etc.

You can store your shoes in a shoe organizer without taking up too much space. You can also move the shoe organizer if needed. The use of shoe racks isn't limited to storing shoes. You can store clothes, food, small items, etc., in a shoe organizer. A shoe organizer will help keep your RV neat, clean, and tidy while saving space.

2. Make Use of Vertical Space

RVs provide a small, confined space. You can't store your items here and there like you can do at home. So, the walls are your best friend for storing items and saving floor space. You can use undershelf baskets. They are a great way to get free space in your cabinets.

Vertical shelves are also great for getting space without confining your RV. Use the space above. If you have two boxes, place them on top of each other instead of placing them side by side. This will save important space in your RV, leaving you room for walking and giving you more storage options.

3. Roll Up Dish Rack

A roll-up dish rack is a great option to save some space in your RV kitchen. A roll-up dish rack is a utility that lets you store your dishes in the sink.

This rack rolls on the sink, adding extra space to place your utensils. When you must use the sink, just roll it away from it, and you are good to go.

4. Foldable items

No doubt, foldable items eat up the least space while providing the most functionality. When you are in an RV, such items become more of a necessity than just a hobby.

If you already have useful foldable items in your home, just put them in your RV. Foldable items include collapsible colanders, laundry baskets, chairs, tables etc.

5. Use Magnets

Magnets can help you save space in an RV more than you can imagine. You won't need holders or small baskets to store knives, safety pins, nail cutters, etc. Just get a magnetic strip, place it on your RV wall, and that’s it.

You can stick small metallic items to the strip. Thus, you will have all the necessary things close to your hands at all times. 

6. Command Hooks

Command hooks are not only great for your home but also highly useful for saving space in your RV. Just place it on the wall, and you can hand a variety of things such as pet leashes, keys, towels, belts, etc. As you can understand, it will take vertical space leaving unoccupied space in your RV.

7. Can Dispenser

Can dispensers are a lifesaver when traveling in an RV. Not only they help organize your cokes, beers and sprinkle water, they also keep them from shaking too much.

This means your cans' sodas won't explode on you as soon as you open them. So, be sure to invest in some good can dispensers for your RV.

8. Store Items on the Ceiling

Also, consider storing items on the ceiling to save space in your RV. It may come as a surprise to you, but there are lots of storage items that you can put on the ceiling to save space. Such items are specifically made for use in an RV.

The key here is the same, using vertical space and minimizing occupying horizontal space. To use ceiling space, you can use a ceiling storage rack, or hanging basket.

9. Utilize Walls

Walls are your best friend when you want to save space in your RV. You can use the walls of your RV to maximize storage space without occupying the floor. This can be done using wall hanging storages.

By doing so, you can get rid of a messy floor in your RV while storing all the necessary things properly. Many people need to pay more attention to this simple trick because it looks unaesthetic. While that’s true to some extent, saving space is more important than improving interior aesthetics.


For RV lovers, it's like a second home. You would want everything in your RV as it's nothing short of a home. With the right RV space-saving storage, you can ensure your belongings stay close to you without taking up too much space.

From hanging items and shelves to ceiling storage, many different RV storage-saving options exist. So, whether you're just going on a weekend getaway or a cross-country adventure, your RV storage needs are sure to be met with the right products.

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